Inspire your organization to embrace a culture of connections.

Let’s face it: When people aren’t connected to their company, their leaders, team members or customers, they end up “just calling it in” – simply putting in their time until the end of the day.

In today’s business climate where connections increasingly matter, fostering them instills a sense of purpose and meaning within each of your team members. Strong connections lead to a “one for all and all for one” corporate culture resulting in remarkable customer experiences, higher retention and an improved corporate culture.

Mark Scharenbroich’s presentations are packed with inspirational messages and stories your audience will remember for a lifetime. Choosing from 200+ unique stories, Mark’s tailored motivational presentations focus on leadership, team collaboration and connecting with the customer.  Mark will touch the minds and hearts of your entire team with inspirational content that will move them to take immediate action.

Mark Scharenbroich’s Keynote Presentations

Nice Bike – Leading the Way to Connect

Strong leadership is critical to the success of any organization.  Mark guides leaders to create a culture of connections that embrace core values and the mission to drive results.

Mark Scharenbroich motivates leaders

Nice Bike – Making Meaningful Connections to Fuel Growth

Motivating team members to work collaboratively and be fully connected to the organization to drive measurable growth.

Motivating team members to fuel growth

Nice Bike – Creating Authentic Connections

Inspiring team members to create authentic, meaningful connections for their customer resulting in memorable experiences that fuels customer loyalty.

creating authentic connections

The Full Package:
Opening Keynote + Breakout + Emcee
+ “Coach Bowers” Closing

  • Have Mark open your event with his Nice Bike message. He will set the tone for the meeting, get participants fully engaged and connecting with one another.
  • Mark conducts an interactive connections activity following his keynote that gets people to know each other and addresses the objectives of the event. This Nice Bike activity breaks the ice — without mixing in any alcohol. For groups of 50 to 200.
  • Mark can provide a breakout session that goes deeper into the application of the Nice Bike principle to drive results.
  • Mark is an outstanding emcee, drawn from years of improv comedy experiences. Mark is brilliant with his “in the moment” comments and ability to think on his feet.
  • Have Mark close your event with a hilarious event summary presented by his alter-ego character, Coach Wally Bowers – a parody of an over the top motivational speaker!
Mark Scharenbroich - talented and humorous event emcee

“Boomba Hey”, “Coach Wally Bowers” and “Nice Bike” are copyrighted trademarks of Scharenbroich & Associates. © 2008-2019. All rights reserved.

Mark Scharenbroich’s Nice Bike message aligns perfectly with the theme of CONNECTIONS. If your objective is to bring your team together, support an acquisition/merger or to connect with the customer to create a positive experience, then Nice Bike is the perfect fit.

Do you need a THEME for your event? Try one of these:

Nice Bike Theme Idea 1

Nice Bike Harley Theme

Mark’s Nice Bike metaphor is based on his experience at the Harley Davidson 100th year anniversary.  He shares the story to support his message on connections.  Perfect for a “Road Rally” theme, “Roar to Success” or “Born to be Wild”. Theme it with biker attire, temp tattoos and road signs tailored to your organization. Best yet, have your National Sales Manager or President ride to the stage on a Harley motorcycle.

Have your CEO ride in on a Harley!
Build-a-Bike Experience Charity Bike Building Team Activity

After Mark’s Nice Bike keynote, bring in a company that leads a team building exercise where groups of 5–10 of your team members build a children’s bike.  The bikes are then donated to a local charity. It’s fun, interactive and meaningful.

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Why Book Mark?

The Message.

Making meaningful connections is the cornerstone of the relationship side of any business. The old adage is still true today: “People want to do business with people they know and trust.”

Mark’s Nice Bike message is focused on connections: guiding leaders to build a culture of connections within their organization. When your team members are truly connected to the mission (and their fellow team members), great results follow.

The Messenger.

Mark Scharenbroich is in “a category of one”: a hybrid comedian/storyteller/master of motivational strategy. Mark has an improv comedy background and is an award-winning, world-class storyteller.

He’s the only speaker who takes his audience on a complete roller coaster ride of emotions with powerful and memorable messages and combines them with action steps that can change both personal and organizational behavior. Simply stated, Mark’s a unique entertainer who will be unlike any speaker you have had in the past.

The Method.

Mark is a “no powerpoint” keynote presenter (not that there is anything wrong with powerpoint). With over 200 stories and case studies to draw from, Mark tailors his message specifically for your group. He observes the sessions prior to his presentation, takes notes on the spot and then incorporates that learning into his keynote.

His presentation is both well-crafted and engaging, and its impactful message is designed to support your objectives and move your audience to action. By the end of Mark’s keynote, he will have your team on its feet and proudly yelling out the name of your organization like a group of spirited high school students at a pep rally!

“Boomba Hey” and “Nice Bike” are copyrighted trademarks of Scharenbroich & Associates. © 2008-2019. All rights reserved.

Even More Great Reasons to Book Mark Scharenbroich

Connects Generations

Mark’s message resonates with people of all ages, demographic groups and industries.

Speaker & Author

Mark Scharenbroich has been inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame, earned an Emmy® award and international business book awards.

“Nice Bike” becomes the mantra for your conference and for months to follow.

Quick Witted

Humor and ad lib provide a laugh to audiences in even the most rattling situations.

CEO Endorsed

Leaders love Mark’s message.
25+ CEO testimonials.

Memorable and Practical

Audiences will remember the message for years to follow.

Mark Scharenbroich National Speaker Hall of Fame and Emmy Award Winning Professional Keynote Speaker for business and education
Audiences have enjoyed Mark Scharenbroich
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