About Mark Scharenbroich

Mark Scharenbroich is an award winning keynote speaker using humor to convey a motivational concept called Nice Bike. Call us at 952-939-9080 to book an event.

“Nice Bike” to Connect

“Nice Bike…” is the metaphor I developed about how we interact with others by acknowledging, honoring and connecting.  I love hearing stories from audience members and clients as they share their “Nice Bike” experiences.  Here is a great one from [...]

Leadership Lessons from the Principal at Hopkins High School

What leadership lessons can businesses learn from a world-class public high school? As a speaker, having had a foot in both worlds - education and business, there are some valuable lessons that business leaders can learn from top performing schools [...]

Never Forget a Friend, Never Let a Friend Forget You

Relationships matter.  Relationships drive business growth.  Relationships create a healthy team culture.  Loving relationships with our family and friends bring joy and fulfillment to our lives.  Some of the best advice I received early in my career with Jostens, Inc [...]

Making Connections One Guest at a Time

You can learn great lessons on creating memorable guest experiences if you just keep your radar up and apply it to your business. I know I did when I met Keith, the room service attendant at the Green Valley Hotel [...]

Break the Glaze

Something has happened to us.  I witness it almost every day; people mindlessly glazing at each other as if we are interacting with a vending machine. Case in point, I walk into a fast food restaurant and watch the interaction [...]

Nice Bike Lessons from Shinjuku Station

Jeff Gunderson wrote a great story about on the effect Nice Bike had on his honeymoon in Japan! After my bride Susie and I read it, we absolutely loved it and knew we had to share. I remember Madeline, Jeff’s [...]

How Thanking Veterans Can Become a Great Tradition

One day, I was catching a flight out of the Meadows Field Airport in Bakersfield, California. As I pulled up to the airport, I noticed a crowd of hundreds of people, news cameras, a fire truck with a huge American [...]

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Marquette, Apartment #15, and a cool guy named Pat

The following story came from one of my clients who had me speak at his event. Duke recalled how a connection to the past moved him to Nice Bike someone at his alma mater. I think you'll enjoy it as much as [...]

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