About Mark Scharenbroich

Mark Scharenbroich is an award winning keynote speaker using humor to convey a motivational concept called Nice Bike. Call us at 952-939-9080 to book an event.

Mick Jagger and Dairy Queen

Going to the Dairy Queen was a big event for my wife, Susan and her siblings. Their family of six would pack into the Chevy Caprice Classic station wagon, drive around St. Paul and look at all of the large [...]

Golden Opportunity for Family

For those of us who have children or are in a home with children, the pandemic is a golden opportunity! For the first time ever…no soccer practice, no coming home from work late, piano lessons, community meetings, business travel, school [...]

Everyday Heroes

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a daily dive into a new vocabulary for example: lockdown, shelter-in-place, PPE, social distancing, ventilators, flattening the curve, toilet paper shortage, Tiger King, the new normal and essential workers. The 911 tragedy woke us up [...]

The Toughest Goodbye

My heart goes out to all of the families who are losing loved ones to COVID-19.  We were so fortunate to say goodbye to our 97-year-old mother, “Aggie” in her own bed, in her own home surrounded by family a [...]

Tom, Dick and Harry

Being a postal employee his entire career, my Dad instilled in all of us kids a deep respect for the United States Postal Service.  That deep-seated pride has been tested at times standing in line for twenty minutes as one [...]

Own It. Fix It.

I admire people who take action on a problem versus blaming others or tossing it to someone else.   Don Ness, the former mayor of Duluth, MN shared the matra “Own it-Fix it” with his team every day.  I wish the [...]

The Standing Ovation Podcast with Jay Baer

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by the delightful and talented Jay Baer on the Standing Ovation Podcast where we discussed how connections are everything, and how leaders can create authentic connections in the workplace, between companies and [...]

The Wealthy Ways Show on Sirius XM with Dr. Willie Jolley

I had the pleasure to be a guest on the recent The Wealthy Ways Show with host Dr. Willie Jolley whose motivational messages help you to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. I invite you to tune into our interview here, [...]