The early morning conversation with my barista at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas was pretty brief, “I would like one large black coffee double cupped and one large cappuccino, skim, extra hot, double cupped please.”

The barista asked for my name and I gave him my coffee name, “Marco”. Some people have a stage name or a pseudonym, I have a coffee name. It’s more adventurous than Mark.”

The coffees were delivered at the end of the counter, I glanced at his name tag and gave him a “Thanks Hunter, cool name.” to which Hunter replied, “Ah, yeah, thanks.”

The next morning I approached the same coffee shop and Hunter was once again at the counter, “Good morning Hunter” to which Hunter responded “A large black coffee double cupped and a large cappuccino, skim, extra hot, double cupped – Marco right?”

I was amazed. I thought Hunter had been replaced by Alexa. We’ve all heard the Starbucks story of a barista getting to know their regulars name and drink of the day but I had only connected with Hunter once. I’ve been a regular at a number of different stores, banks and coffee shops and it takes some of them months to remember your name while others don’t make the effort at all.

I asked Hunter, “How did you remember my drinks and my name? I was only here once yesterday morning and it was pretty busy. That’s amazing! How do you do that?”

Hunter’s answer was even better, “I dunno, I just do.”

Some people get it and other people don’t. Some make an effort, others none. Some people are good at acknowledging others, honoring them by giving their name back and making a real connection. How do they do it? I dunno, they just do.

When you start to acknowledge others by being fully present, honor them by making an effort and connect by making it personal, it creates a memorable moment that leaves a lasting impact.