You can learn great lessons on creating memorable guest experiences if you just keep your radar up and apply it to your business. I know I did when I met Keith, the room service attendant at the Green Valley Hotel in Las Vegas.

Finding the conference room at a Vegas hotel can be challenging as you have to wind your way through the casino to find your location.  On my trek through the Green Valley Casino, I got totally turned around.  I stopped a staff member at the hotel and asked for directions. Reading his name tag I asked, “Is your name really Keith or is that your Vegas name?” Keith gave me a subtle laugh on my minor joke and responded with, “Yup, that’s really me.”

I asked Keith for directions and he responded with, “Follow me, sir, I know a short cut.”  Halfway through the walk, I asked Keith what he did for the hotel.  Keith said, “I’m delivering room service orders.”  I felt bad about taking Keith away from his morning duties and told him so.  His response, “No sir, at this moment you are my most important guest.” I was impressed.

Do your clients, customers and guests feel that they are your most important client, customer and guest?

I experienced just the opposite as an audience member listening to a young speaker with an inflated ego.  He shared with the audience that the day before he spoke for a major auto company in Detroit and that he had to leave immediately after his presentation to catch a flight to Atlanta to speak to a Fortune 100 company.  I understand speakers citing case studies to support their point, but this was a gratuitous “I’m kind of important” statement.  We were just one more audience on his calendar.

When I was dating my bride Susan years ago if I had told her during our first dinner date that the night before I was with an attractive model and tomorrow night I was going out with cheerleader…I know that we not have had a second date let alone a long, loving marriage.

When you work with a client, be fully present and make them feel like they are the only client you have. When you are at a social event, focus on the person you are speaking with like they are the only one in the room.   “At this moment, you are my most important guest” creates memorable guest experiences and loyal customers.