“Nice Bike…” is the metaphor I share on how we interact with others by acknowledging, honoring and connecting.  I love hearing stories from audience members and clients as they share their “Nice Bike” experience.  Here is a great one from a New Yorker, Tracey:  


 “Case in point – after my father’s funeral I took my family away for a week of vacation.  We ended up in Vegas, of all places, but stayed outside of town and never went into a casino – but instead enjoyed the beauty of the area and our pool.

When we were visiting Red Rock scenic loop – where you get out at multiple stops for photos, hiking, etc. – at one of the areas I noticed a younger guy hanging out near his Harley.  I couldn’t resist – it was just too easy!  I said – “hey, nice bike!” and you should have seen him light up!

We started a conversation and he shared how he customized every part of it, had spent a couple years of his young life dedicated to his project and how it kept him sane as he was a dealer in one of the casinos.  We talked for a few minutes and then wished each other a good day.

The funny thing is that I had previously told my wife and kids about you – remember you signed their books – and as they sat watching me have a nice conversation with a complete stranger, which is an oddity for this New Yorker, they just smiled.  As I approached them after our conversation there was this resounding “Nice bike!” from all of them.  Nothing else was said or needed to be said. It was such a cool moment!

So, while we realize these messages go beyond just the bike – it was so great to see my kids appreciate and witness the value of connecting.”

Tracey, New York City