After finishing an intense four-day event – I read the message below from Cathy. It blew me away!!! I understand exactly Cathy and her cousin, Julie, were experiencing leading up to their high school reunion. It’s magical that the crayon story popped up at the moment. So sweet.
Thanks to Cathy for sending a warm smile my way and sharing her Nice Bike story.
From Cathy:
“I have a little story of how you touched my cousin and me in such an amazingly random way this weekend. The class of ’74 had their 45th reunion and my cousin, Julie Blenkush Bolin, and I planned to go together, both of us dealing with “life” and some big difficulties in the past few years and feeling “less than” and “not as good as…” We were nervous even though it was a casual affair at Riverside.
We were almost ready to leave when I picked up your book on her sofa table which she hadn’t read yet…I opened it randomly and started reading and I’m telling you, it brought us both to tears.
It was the “crayon” story, who has the bigger box and ALLLLLLLLLLL the colors and so on and so on. It stopped us dead in our tracks along with our doubts and insecurities.
We held our heads high and thoroughly enjoyed the gathering! I had the courage to want more than small talk with classmates and had wonderfully interesting conversations when I “stepped out” and asked questions such as “how WAS your high school experience” or “how did you feel when that teacher said that to you”.
I know that you affect SO many on your circuit and even here on FB, we LOVE your videos with your dear wife AND your “room with a view.” Thank you SO much for “going the distance” from your high school days which hinted so strongly of you making such a difference in our world and here you are, touching lives ALWAYS! We were and are, SO grateful!”
Rather than telling her story, Cathy asked others to share their story instead. When you acknowledge, honor and connect, you change the world one person at a time.
Nice Bike, Cathy!