High School Reunion Nice Bike Moment

After finishing an intense four-day event - I read the message below from Cathy. It blew me away!!! I understand exactly Cathy and her cousin, Julie, were experiencing leading up to their high school reunion. It’s magical that the crayon [...]

“Nice Bike” to Connect

“Nice Bike…” is the metaphor I developed about how we interact with others by acknowledging, honoring and connecting.  I love hearing stories from audience members and clients as they share their “Nice Bike” experiences.  Here is a great one from [...]

Happy Halloween! A Witch’s Welcome

Acknowledging is stepping out, honoring someone with what’s important to them, and creating a connection. One of my favorite examples of this occurred at one of our Halloween celebrations in our home. My wife, Sue, and I love Halloween. We do it big. We [...]