The following story came from one of my clients who had me speak at his event. Duke recalled how a connection to the past moved him to Nice Bike someone at his alma mater. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! Nice Bike, Duke
— Mark Scharenbroich

Apartment#15Dear Mark: It was a pleasure to meet you and I enjoyed reading Nice Bike as a follow up to your presentation.  I have enjoyed making a conscious effort to ‘Nice Bike’ people and certainly respond with “Great” when people inquire about how I am doing.

It reminded me of the ultimate Nice Bike that someone did for me: My wife Marcia and I had a humble start to the road of parenting in the great city of Milwaukee. November of our Junior year at Marquette University we had our daughter Ashley.  Fast forward 20+ years later and we are talking with Pat, the Marquette University development director, about our early struggles of parenting, 18 hours of credits and part time jobs for our senior year at Marquette.  He mentioned the new engineering building would replace our West Wisconsin Avenue apartment #15 where our young family started.  I was a little saddened I could never see our apartment again — that was such a milestone location for our family.

Pat was curious what apartment we lived in the building.  About a month later we received a package containing 3 bricks from the demolition and a piece of wood that was from above our apartment door with the #15.  Pat had instructed the contractor to retrieve some mementos for our family.  The piece of wood with #15 hangs in our kitchen as a reminder of our humble beginnings to parenting. It Acknowledges our early struggles, honors us for our efforts and connects us with Pat and Marquette University.

“Nice Bike” Pat the Development Director for Marquette University!

—Duke N., Work Comp Conference Chairman – Self Insurance Institute of America (SIIA)

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