This came from a Minneapolis reader who sent a kind note. I was moved by how she was able to connect with her father-in-law by using one of the core principles in my book. Nice Bike, Jane! — Mark


I just finished reading Nice Bike and really enjoyed it. It heightened my awareness of the importance of complimenting people and affirming them whenever you can. Your message of conversing with people at their level —engaging people in conversation in what interests them —is something I really needed to hear. That message was so timely as I visited my husband’s dad in a care center over the last two years.  At first, I brought books that interested me and games that I thought he would enjoy.  However, they were not interesting to him.

In time, I learned how to jump in his world and just sit with him and talk about what he could see in front of him at the present moment. This revelation helped our relationship! So thank you for reminding your readers to be curious about people and engage them in conversation that matter to them.

I love how the book was written: full of stories with a straightforward message.  It shows your generous, humble and wise spirit . . . plus your funny sense of humor.  Nice Book!
—Jane C.