“How do I get a team to follow me?” That has to be on the mind of anyone who steps into a leadership position.

I discovered the answer from Dan Dye, CEO of Ardent Mills, the largest flour producer in the country.

Dan shared, “Every team member has four questions for the leader:

1) Where are we going?
2) How are we going to get there?
3) Do you have my back?
4) Do you care about me as a person?

The first one is easy, what’s the goal? What are we trying to accomplish?

Number two is the strategy, the blueprint of the plan and the necessary changes to reach the goal.

Number three is the team member asking, “Are we all in this thing together? Will you support our efforts even if we make a mistake?”

Number four is universal, do leaders care about their team? Do team members feel valued and respected? Are they acknowledged, honored and connected?

Answer those four questions and the team will follow the leader to fuel real growth.